Are you worried that you’re going to be ‘found out?’ Do you feel like you’re not as accomplished or talented as other people think you are? Do you feel like a fraud? It could be that you’ve got imposter syndrome.

Many people live with imposter syndrome, an estimated 70% of us will have it in our lifetimes. It often runs alongside anxiety, stress or depression.

People with imposter syndrome tend to have thoughts such as “I feel like a fake” and “I don’t deserve this job” – despite them being perfectly capable.

If this is familiar, you’ll know how unhelpful imposter syndrome is. But what can you do? Here are a few suggestions:


Open up to your colleagues, friends and family about how you’re feeling. It’s likely they’ll have felt the same at some point in their lives.

Remember Your Successes

It’s normal human behaviour to dwell on criticism, but what about the times that you excelled yourself? Think about those successes. Whether it’s a fantastic appraisal, a compliment from a client or talking over memories with a friend, focus on the positives.

Forget Being Perfect

Letting go of seeking perfection can set you free. Accept that what ever you do is good enough. Actually getting on with the task in hand can help you overcome your doubts. Cracking on is a good idea!

If you do fail, it shows that you’re real. You’re not fake, you’re human. There’s a saying that “ failure is the only way to victory” and that’s true. You can’t truly celebrate your successes if you never actually fail at anything.

Accept your imperfections and remember that real is good. If you’re an imposter, then so is everyone else. Stop giving yourself such a hard time.