We don’t get that many nice days of good warm weather which for lots of us with scars to show for how we have tried to help ourselves cope, can be a real issue.  It can take a long time to able to show the marks to the world. But be proud, own them, they are part of you, part of your journey. They show you can survive. 

Don’t be reckless though, the skin can be extra sensitive, a sweet smelling almond oil or aloe vera gel is really good at keeping the skin supple and there are plenty of foundations and blemish sticks that will damp them down a bit if you are very self conscious. 

Flowing sleeves look good and are a great cover up. Go for cotton and other natural fabrics that are really loose – find your inner hippy and wear kaftans. 

Above all, enjoy the feel of the sun and the wind on your skin or your self, you are alive, you are winning, try to enjoy the feeling to the full.