Uncertainty around us and about us put on hold

These are times when anxiety can overcome us, overwhelm us and we to feel ourselves to be ourselves, for a moment, we have to hurt.

Its ok

It will pass

In time all of this will pass and life will get back closer to what we know, what we need.

Soothe, comfort yourself, not with pain, with pleasant things in times of unpleasantness.

Use your imagination, develop your inner self, use the skills your own.

Take yourself to your safe place.

Create it, remember it, it could be a song, a picture, something in your imagination.

Hear it, feel it, touch it, see it, taste it

Maybe it’s a wood, or a beach, a river bank, a cinema seat, a club night, a bath, a bar.

Its ok to be there, soothe, feel safe.

You are safe