How are you finding it? 

Confusing I guess, everything seems so muddled, a lot of life seems really, really unfair.  If you have been affected by exam results without doing exams this year then you have every right to feel cheated – unless you are someone who hates exams, and was pleased to avoid the stress. Or someone who feels that you have got away with it and ended up with grades you maybe thought you wouldn’t get. 

But even so, for everyone in the system there are consequences and choices that have to be faced and addressed. 

And so much choice, and no choice. 

So much advice and no helpful advice. 

If you can take any consolation then try and find it in the fact that everyone is in the same boat, and, unis, colleges, employers do understand and do want to help.  It’s in their interests too to help you find where you want to be as much as it is in theirs.

So what might help?  Perhaps keep hold of some of these reminders:

Sleep on it, don’t make any rash quick decisions.

Don’t feel bombarded by advice and deadlines.  Choose only a few people to talk things through with to help you make up your mind.  Perhaps a parent, a teacher or a friend. Remember its your life, not theirs, and they are giving advice and opinion, you don’t have to take it,

Think again about what you really want for yourself in one years time, three years, five years.  Does it really matter long term if you are a bit slower in getting there?  Perhaps you had intended to travel now, that’s not really practical so it might be that studying first and exploring after might be an easier way of achieving your goals. Write down your plan.

Yes there is some urgency if you are desperate to get to a certain college or uni for a specific course, but you will come across much better if you can sound calm and collected, not flustered and panicked.  Make notes of what you want to say, what your aims are before you start an important conversation.

Everything is not lost, your life is not messed up for ever.  Things will work out cos they do.  Maybe not how you thought they would, but you might find that actually in a bit, things are a whole lot better than they feel now, and you will feel a whole lot better.

Be brave, stand your ground, fight your corner, look for help, ask for what you want.