Data Protection Summary

We know that being anonymous makes it easier and safer to talk about difficult subjects. RightLines wants to operate with minimum personal identifying details. Information that is given will be treated confidentially to the service, and with great respect. There is no obligation to provide personal information although it does mean our help is likely to be more useful sooner, if we know, for instance, someone’s age and gender. RightLines does have a duty of care and concern for the protection of life so if RightLines is told that a person is at imminent risk of serious harm or death we will take action to inform relevant services to step in.  This is the only situation in which names, phone numbers, email addresses and other personal details if known, would be passed on.

All interactions with RightLines are saved for a period of 90 days so that history is available in the short term to aid in work with the young person.  At this point all data is deleted automatically.

Data Protection and Additional Support Services

To engage with Additional Support Services it is necessary for us to know the name and location and age of the young person and to have detail so that we are able to contact them by email or phone.  This information is only gathered with the knowledge and consent of the young person involved and all detail is stored securely on our UK based servers.  All information of work done by Additional Support Services with a young person is deleted 9 months after the end of the last session of work. Information is gathered and held in these instances as part of our legitimate business interest and to protect the individual’s vital interests.

Any user of RightLines has the right to know what information we hold on them. To do this, please contact  We will respond within 5 working days.